Friday, July 24, 2009

Plein Air 1

These were all done on watercolor paper and gouache. Unless indicated, all were painted on location.

Tributes to one of my favorite landscape painter William Wendt. This master copies were done with gouache.


jack sender said...

the huntington library has fine open feel. (jeeze, that was the best i could come up with?)

it nearly gets surrealistic the way you laid the stuff out there. and with the trees one also.

best wishes.

StreetBoy said...

aw man, this is great work. This actually is inspiring me to go paint.

Frans Kusuma said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I am glad you enjoy them.

Dilanka S said...

Nice work, more!

Kelvin said...

you are bad more please

how have you been?

Felix Lim said...

Gedein dong, ga keliatan brushstrokenya boss.
warnanya udah pakem man. udah singing like cliff said. haha
finally uda bisa naklukin pohon2 jahanam itu ya haha.
sering sering post ya!

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Holy COW! these are stunning! I think I remember you doing more figure stuff in your sketchbook-I had not idea of the breath of your landscapes!!

I still struggle with the most basic of basics, as embarrassing as that is-tonal values. Maybe it's harder to do in acrylic-I've never tried gouache.

And of course I remember you! Keep posting the great work!


Gregory Becker said...

I like your landscapes

D. Koenig said...

I really love the wide rectangular painting with the trees, pond, and church/building. Beautifully balanced layout; has a random symmetry. You paint lovely trees, love your greens.

denise said...

Hello My Name is Denise Hawkins, I met your Beautiful Wife at Cedars, she told me of your wonderful art!!!
I am so Impressed with the beauty of your paintings, I love Trees too!!
Great Work!!!

Frans Kusuma said...

Hi Denise,
She told me about you.
Thank you for all the info you provide us on the local farms.
And thanks for your compliments. I am glad you like my paintings.