Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sorry for the delay. Here are the pictures of my Dorothy Sculpture.
In my rendition of OZ, Toto is a bacterium that usually morph into an angry dog; hence, the reason why he is transparent. The red thing in the middle of his body is a nucleus.

Comments are very much welcomed. I hope you like them.


Teresa Yau said...

Beautiful work Frans!

D. Koenig said...

Love it! How long did it take to complete?

Frans Kusuma said...

Hi D. Koenig,
Thanks for your compliments. I did not exactly count the hours. But, I remember it took me roughly about two weeks of my time to do the finished piece. Now, the desig, however, took way longer than the rest of the process combined ;)

Mindy Lee said...

Oh man this is so awesome I love the see through dog too! Great Job.